Shareholder Information

Financial Summary: Index AQUIS Exchange as at 17 June 2020

Status AQUIS Exchange
Stock Code BLCC
Financial year end 30 June
Total issued share capital 7,362,457,850
Total voting capital 7,362,457,850
Percentage issued share capital not in public hands 24.74%
Shares held in treasury 221,601,700

Shares in public hands are

All shares not held by related parties (including directors, shadow directors, family, and connected persons), relevant employees, locked-in persons, and persons or persons acting in concert who have an interest in five per cent or more of the relevant class of shares. Shares permitted to be held in treasury are not counted as shares in public hands.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of Block Commodities Limited’s securities.


Key Shareholders which hold more than 3% in the Company
as at 15 June 2020

  Number Percent
Grainways Inc 973,480,000 13.22%
Cassiopea Services Limited 289,025,762 3.9%
John Glendenning 250,000,000 3.40%


Directors Interests
as at 15 June 2020

  Number Percent
Chris Cleverly 561,054,609 7.62%
Mark Simmons 52,500,000 0.71%
Elias Pungong 12,500,000 0.17%